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Call for a FREE Bathroom Design Consultation 619-265-8126

Call for a FREE Bathroom Design Consultation 619-265-8126

Call for a FREE Bathroom Design Consultation 619-265-8126

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We Would Love To Give You The Re-Bath Experience

When considering a complete bathroom for your home trust the local company that has served this community for over 25 years.

As the largest home bathroom re-modeler you can be confident that Re-Bath products will provide years of trouble free service.

Featuring one day bathroom remodeling and specializing in complete home remodeling, Re-Bath can do it all.

Why choose us?

An Exceptional Experience

An Exceptional Experience

The Re-Bath Experience – When you are thinking of remodeling your home, we have the answers to all your questions.

Our home remodeling process, for years, has proved the latest technology and a staff that is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

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A Perfect Fit

A Perfect Fit

Bathtub liners must be molded for and fit your bathtub exactly. They cannot be close, almost or even close enough.

Our company does not take chances with leaking, or what we call floating tubs. ReBath has an exact duplicate of your bathtub in their inventory.

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

We offer the only Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty in the Industry. We are willing to stand behind our work and you can be assured that we aren’t going to take shortcuts to save time and money.

You enjoy instant peace of mind that Re-Bath is only a phone call away at no additional cost to you.

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Licensed And Insured

Senior Safety

The Walk-In Bathtub! For the mature of age, or for challenges in mobility, Re-Bath offers you the perfect solution to taking a soothing bath. The Walk-In Bathtub offers an easy ingress and comfortable seating.

Safety tub, walk-in tubs are ergonomically and thoughtfully designed with your safety in mind.

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